By Tim Lambert

Medieval Perth

Early 12th century King David I makes Perth a town. Wool is made in the little town. So is leather. Perth is also a busy little port.

1210 Perth is badly damaged by floods

1231 In 1231 Dominican friars came to Perth

1260 Carmelite friars come to Perth

1296-1313 The English occupy Perth

1396 The battle of the clans takes place

1437 King James I is assassinated by nobles in Perth

1460 Franciscan friars come to Perth

Renaissance Perth

1544 In Perth 6 people are executed for heresy

1559 The Reformation sweeps Perth

1600 The Gowrie Conspiracy takes place. The population of Perth is about 6,000.

1645 Plague strikes Perth

1651 The English capture Perth

1776 The town walls are demolished

19th Century Perth

1801 The population of Perth is 15,000

1824 Perth gains gas light

1829 A piped water supply is created in Perth

1832-33 Cholera kills 148 people in Perth

1848 The railway reaches Perth

1850 St Ninian's Episcopal Cathedral is built

1895 Horse drawn trams run in the streets of Perth

Modern Perth

1901 Perth gains an electricity supply

1902 Victoria Bridge is built

1905-29 Electric trams run in Perth

1968 Bells Sports Centre is built

1979 Caithness Glass Visitor Centre opens

1987 St John Shopping Centre opens

1992 The Ferguson Gallery opens

1993 Perth suffers a severe flood

1995 A K Bell Library officially opens

2001 Flood defenses are built in Perth

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