By Tim Lambert

2,500 BC People in Peru begin farming

1,800 BC People in Peru make pottery

c 900 BC The Chavin culture arises in Peru

c 200 BC The Chavin culture vanishes

400 BC - 300 AD The Paracas culture exists in Peru

100 BC to 700 AD The Nazca culture exists in Peru

50 AD to 700 AD The Moche culture exists in northern Peru

1000 The Chimu create an empire in northern Peru

c 1300 The Incas found their capital at Cuzco

1466 The Incas conquer the Chima

1532 The Spanish arrive in Peru

1572 The last Inca resistance ends

1821 Peru becomes independent

1851 The first railway is built in Peru

1879 - 1883 Peru fights Chile

1895 - 1914 Peru has a period of prosperity

1930 The depression hits Peru badly. The first of a series of coups is staged.

1980 Elections are held in Peru

2009 The Us-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement is signed

2013 The Peruvian economy is growing steadily

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