By Tim Lambert

The Early Philippines

10th Century Filipinos trade with China

12th Century Filipinos trade with the Arabs

1521 Magellan reaches the Philippines and claims them for Spain

1565 Miguel Lopez de Legazpi leads an expedition to The Philippines and builds a fort there

1571 The Spaniards land in Luzona and found Manila. The Spanish set up a feudal system. Spanish friars convert the indigenous people to Christianity.

1762-62 The British occupy Manila

1872 A rebellion takes place in Cavite but it is soon crushed

1892 Jose Rizal founds Liga Filipina

1896 Another rebellion breaks out but the Spanish crush it

1898 The Philippines declare independence. However the USA plans to take over from Spain after winning a war with that country.

1899-1902 The USA fights Filipino patriots

The Modern Philippines

1935 The Philippines are made semi-independent

1942 Japan occupies the Philippines

1945 The Americans recapture Manila

1946 The Philippines become independent

1965 Ferdinand Marcos becomes president of The Philippines

1972 Marcos declares martial law

1980 Benigno Aquino goes into exile

1983 Aquino returns to the Philippines but he is shot

1986 Marcos is forced to flee and Cory Aquino replaces him

1992 Fidel Ramos becomes president

1993 The Americans leave Subic Bay

2000 Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo becomes president of The Philippines

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