By Tim Lambert

Early Plymouth

1200 At this time Plymouth is a small fishing village. Later it grows into a town.

1254 Plymouth is given a charter (a document granting certain rights)

1390 A law states that pilgrims going abroad must leave either from Plymouth or Dover

1403 The French attack Plymouth

1500 Plymouth has a population of around 3,500

1588 Plymouth has a population of around 5,000

1590 Drake builds a conduit to bring water to Plymouth

1627 Plymouth is struck by plague

1641 A writer says that Plymouth is chiefly dependent on the fish trade

1642 Civil War begins and Plymouth supports parliament

1643 The royalists lay siege to Plymouth but fail to take it

1658 A new grammar school is built in Plymouth

1664 Charles Church is built

1693 A dry dock is built at Devonport

1698 A rope house is built at Devonport

18th Century Plymouth

1727 A new dock is built

1758 A turnpike road is built to London

1762 Another dock is added. The first theatre in Plymouth is built.

1772 The first bank in Plymouth opens

1773 Stonehouse Bridge is built

1793 Another dock is built

1798 A dispensary where the poor can obtain free medicines opens

19th Century Plymouth

1801 Plymouth old town has a population of 19,000. Devonport has 23,000 and Stonehouse has over 3,400

1821 An eye hospital opens

1832 Cholera kills 1,031 people in Plymouth. Horse drawn buses begin running in the streets.

1840 South Devon and Cornwall Hospital opens

1844-50 The Great Western Docks are built

1848 The railway reaches Plymouth

1849 Cholera kills 1,894 people

1859 The Royal Albert Bridge opens

1860-1870 A line of forts is built around Plymouth

1872 Smallpox kills 448 people in Plymouth. Horse drawn trams begin running.

1876 The first public library opens in Plymouth

1881 The first telephone exchange opens. A naval engineering college is built.

1885 An aquarium is built

1888 Hoe Park opens

1896 The first council houses are built in Laira Bridge Road estate

1897 A museum opens in Plymouth

20th Century Plymouth

1920 The first motor buses begin running in Plymouth

1928 Plymouth is made a city

1931 Central Park opens

1935 Plymouth is given a Lord Mayor

World War II In Plymouth 1,174 people are killed by bombing

1943 A plan for Plymouth is drawn up

1951 The boundaries of the city are extended

1961 Tamar Bridge opens

1962 The Civic Centre is built

1965 Plymouth Polytechnic opens

1967 Drakes Circus is rebuilt

1968 Ship building at Plymouth Dockyard ends

1973 Ferries begin running between Plymouth and France

1978 A new Central Library is built

1981 Plymouth General Hospital opens

1988 The Armada Centre opens

1989 Plymouth Dome opens

1991 Plymouth Pavilions opens

2006 Drakes Circus Shopping Centre is rebuilt

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