By Tim Lambert

Early Portchester

Late 3rd Century The Romans build a fort at Portchester


Portchester Castle

407 AD The Roman army leaves Britain. The fort at Portchester has probably been abandoned some time before this date.

c 500 AD The Saxons land in Southeast Hampshire and they build a village at Portchester

10th Century The Saxons create a network of forts called burhs. Portchester castle is made a burh.

c 1120 King Henry I builds a castle within the walls of the old Roman fort

c 1128 A church dedicated to St Mary is built within the walls of the fort

1294 Portchester is given the right to hold weekly markets and an annual fair

Early 17th Century The markets in Portchester die out

1660s Portchester Castle is used to house Dutch prisoners of war

1793-1814 Portchester Castle is used to house French prisoners of war

1840 An industry making clay pipes begins in Portchester

1848 Portchester Railway Station is built

1873 Castle Street School is built

Modern Portchester

1911 Portchester has a population of less than 1,000

1920-22 Newtown is built and the population of Portchester begins to rise rapidly

1958 Portchester Crematorium opens

1962 The modern Wicor Primary School is built

1963 Northern Primary School opens

1966 Portchester Community Centre opens

1975 The population of Portchester reaches 18,000. Portchester Precinct is created.

1979Red Barn School opens

1984 A new library opens

2002 Portchester Parish Hall opens

2003 Portchester Business Centre opens

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