By Tim Lambert

Early Portland

1843 Portland is founded

1851 Portland is incorporated

1857 Portland gains a gas supply

1871 Washington Park is created. Horse drawn trams ran in the streets of Portland

1873 Portland suffers a severe fire

1875 Pioneer Court House is built

1883 The Old Church is built

1887 Morrison Bridge is built. Portland Zoo is founded.

1888 Skidmore Fountain is built

1892 Portland Art Museum

1900 The population of Portland reaches 90,000. The bronze elk is given to the city.

1905 The Lewis and Clark Exposition is held in Portland

1908 Reed College is built

1909 Governor Hotel is built

1910 Portland is booming. Its population has risen to 207,000. In this year Hawthorne Bridge was built.

1912 Jackson Tower is built. Steel Bridge is built.

1913 Multnomah County Library is built. Broadway Bridge is built.

1914 Pittock mansion is built

Modern Portland

1931 St Johns Bridge is built

1949 Portland Children's Museum 1949

1966 Marquam Bridge opens

1970 Keller Memorial Fountain is built

1971 The World Forestry Discovery Museum opens

1973 Fremont Bridge opens

1978 Tom McCall Waterfront Park opens

1980 Oregon Maritime Museum opens

1982 Portland Building is erected

1984 KOIN Center is built

1990 Oregon Convention Center opens

1992 The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry moves to its present site

1995 Rose Garden Arena opens

1997 Mark O Hatfield Courthouse is built

2000 Lan Su Chinese Garden opens

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