By Tim Lambert

Early Scarborough

370 The Romans built a signalling station at Scarborough

10th Century The Danes found a town at Scarborough

1066 The Norwegians burn Scarborough

c 1136 A castle is built at Scarborough

1253 The people of Scarborough are granted the right to hold an annual fair

1348 Scarborough has a population of 2,000 - 2,500

1349 The Black Death reaches Scarborough

1500 Scarborough is in decline

1642-1645 During the Civil War Scarborough is held by the Royalists

1648 Scarborough Castle is besieged. Afterwards it is deliberately damaged.

1650 Scarborough begins to revive. In the late 17th century it prospers as a spa town.

1801 Scarborough has a population of about 6,000

1805 Improvement Commissioners are given powers to pave, clean and light the streets of Scarborough

1827 Cliff Bridge opens

1829 The Rotunda Museum opens

1844 A waterworks company is formed

1845 The Railway reaches Scarborough

1851 Scarborough has a population of about 13,000

Modern Scarborough

1853 A Market Hall is built

1857 A cemetery opens

1865 Valley Bridge opens

1893 A hospital opens in Scarborough

1904 Trams begin running in the streets of Scarborough

1914 German warships bombard Scarborough

1931 The electric trams stop running. A miniature railway opens.

World War II In Scarborough 137 people are killed by German bombing

1953 The population of Scarborough is 43,000

1991 A Sea Life Centre opens. Brunswick Pavilion Shopping Centre opens.

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