By Tim Lambert

Early Sheffield

c. 1120 A castle is built at Sheffield. Afterwards a little town grows up in the shadow of the castle.

1266 Sheffield Castle burns

1270 The castle is rebuilt

c. 1300 There are cutlers in Sheffield

c. 1380 Chaucer mentions a Sheffield knife. The little town is already known for its cutlery.

1600 Sheffield is the main town outside London were cutlery is made

1603 Thomas Crowland leaves money is his will to found a grammar school

1617 Sheffield has a population of 2,207

1624 A Company of Cutlers is founded

1628 A workhouse is built

1642 During the English Civil War Royalists occupy Sheffield

1644 Parliamentary troops capture Sheffield

1648 Sheffield Castle is destroyed

1690 The population of Sheffield is about 5,000

1707 A boys charity school is founded

1721 Earl Gilbert's Hospital is founded

1756 The road from Sheffield to Derby is turnpiked

1758 The road to Leeds is turnpiked

1762 Assembly Rooms are built

1763 The first theatre in Sheffield is built. The population is over 10,000.

1773 Sheffield is given its own silver assay office

1801 Sheffield has a population more than 31,000

1818 Improvement Commissioners are formed to pave and clean the streets. The streets of Sheffield are lit by gas.

1832 Cholera kills 402 people. A dispensary opens where the poor can obtain free medicines.

1836 The first cemetery is formed. The Botanical Gardens open.

1843 Sheffield is given a charter

1851 Sheffield has a population of over 135,000

1856 Sheffield gains a public library

1864 Sheffield bans the building of back-to-backs (houses literally joined back to back). A dam bursts and the flood kills 240 people.

1873 Horse drawn trams run in the streets

1875 Ruskin Gallery is founded

1887 Mappin Art Gallery opens

1897 Sheffield Town Hall is built

1899 The first electric trams run in Sheffield

Modern Sheffield

1900 The population of Sheffield is over 400,000

1905 Sheffield university is founded

1910 The first cinema in Sheffield opens

1916 Sheffield is bombed by zeppelins and 28 people are killed

1934 Graves Art Gallery opens

World War II Bombing kills 589 people in Sheffield

1959 Castle Market Shopping Centre is built

1985 The Fire/Police Museum opens

1990 Meadowhall Shopping Centre is built

1991 Sheffield Museum of Popular Music opens

1994 The Sheffield Supertram begins running

1997 Sheffield City Airport opens

2001 Millennium Gallery opens. The population of Sheffield is 513,000.

2003 The National Ice Centre opens. The Winter Garden opens.

2006 Millennium Square opens.

2010 The population of Sheffield is 547,000.

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