By Tim Lambert

Early Southampton

c. 70 The Romans build a town on the site of Bitterne

407 The Roman army leaves Britain. Afterwards Roman towns are abandoned

690-700 The Saxon King Ine builds a new town on the site of St Mary's Church

c. 950 The town declines as the Itchen silts up and it is eventually abandoned. A much smaller town is built south of Bargate.

1066 After the Norman Conquest Normans settle in Southampton. The Normans build a castle in the town.

c. 1217 A mayor of Southampton is first mentioned

c. 1237 Friars arrive in Southampton

c. 1250 A suburb grows up at Newtown

c. 1260-1300 Stone walls are built around Southampton

1338 The French attack Southampton

c 1500 Southampton is in decline. The port is less and less busy.

1541 Despite the economic decline Southampton is described as 'handsome'.

1554 A grammar school opens

1563 Plague strikes Southampton

1567 Belgian Protestants settle in Southampton

1581 Plague strikes Southampton again

1596 A survey shows Southampton has a population of 4,200

1600 Southampton is described as a 'decayed' port

1618 The king sells Southampton Castle, which is now in ruins

1700 Southampton has dwindled from being a major port and town to being a 'decayed' port

1750 Prince Frederick goes swimming in the sea at Southampton and the town starts to revive

1761 Assembly Rooms open

c. 1770 Southampton grows north of Bargate. The street are paved and cleaned.

1778 Southampton gains its first bank

1782 The streets of Southampton are lit by oil lamps

Modern Southampton

c. 1801 The population of Southampton is about 8,000.

c. 1820 The port of Southampton is reviving strongly

1822 A paddle steamer begins running between Southampton and the Isle of Wight

1823 Paddle steamers begin running to France

1829 The streets of Southampton are lit by gas

1838 The Royal South Hants Hospital opens

1840 The railway reaches Southampton

1849 Cholera kills 240 people in Southampton

1860 Many new houses are built in Shirley as Southampton grows

1865 Cholera kills 151 people in Southampton

1879 Horse drawn trams begin running in Southampton

1889 The first public library opens in Southampton. The first electric street lights are switched on in the town.

1900 The trams in Southampton are electrified

1919 Cunard make Southampton the terminus of their Atlantic service. The first motor buses run in Southampton.

1920 The boundaries of Southampton are extended

1923 A flying boat service to the Channel Islands begins

1919 The first motor buses begin running in Southampton

1932-39 Southampton Civic Centre is built

World War II 641 people are killed by bombs in Southampton

1949 The last tram runs in Southampton

1954 The boundaries of Southampton are extended again

1964 Southampton is made a city

1988 Merchants House Museum opens

1989 Bargate Shopping Centre opens

1991 Marlands Shopping Centre opens

1996 An Oceanography Centre opens

2000 West Quay Shopping Centre opens

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