By Tim Lambert

Early St Andrews

8th Century According to legend the remains of St Andrew are brought to Scotland

10th Century St Andrews is the headquarters of the Scottish Church

1160-1318 St Andrews Cathedral is built

c 1200 St Andrews Castle is built

1410 Holy Trinity Church is built

1413 St Andrews University is founded

1433 A reformer named Paul Crawer is martyred in St Andrews

1472 St Andrews is made an Archbishopric

1546 George Wishart is martyred in St Andrews.

1558 Walter Myln is martyred in St Andrews

1559 During the Reformation St Andrews is stripped of its furnishings

1589 West Port is built

1620 St Andrews is made a royal burgh

1754 The Royal and Ancient Golf Club is formed

Modern St Andrews

1801 St Andrews has a population of over 4,000

1833 Madras College is founded

1846 Martyrs Monument is erected

1852 The railway reaches St Andrews

1877 St Leonards School is founded

1901 St Andrews has a population of over 9,000

1931 New Picture House opens

1943 Two people in St Andrews die as a result of eating sausages contaminated with arsenic

1969 The railway closes

1978 Crawford Arts Centre opens

1989 St Andrews Aquarium opens

1990 The British Golf Museum opens

1991 St Andrews Museum opens

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