By Tim Lambert

Early Stirling

C. 1125 Stirling is made a town by the king. In the town the main industry is weaving wool.

1145 Cambuskenneth Abbey is founded

1174 Stirling Castle is handed to the English. They hand it back in 1189.

1415 A stone bridge is built at Stirling

1447 Stirling is granted 2 annual fairs

1547 A stone wall is erected around Stirling

1550 Stirling has a population of about 1,500

1572 Mars Wark is built

1606 Stirling is struck by plague

1630 The Argyl Ludging is built

1633 John Cowane leaves money to build almshouses in Stirling

1645 Stirling has another attack of plague

1704 Stirling Tolbooth is built

1750 Stirling has a population of about 4,000

1777 Stirling gains its first bank

1799 Raploch begins to develop

1801 Stirling has a population of 5,271

1826 Stirling gains gas light

1833 Cholera strikes Stirling

1833 A new bridge is built

1848 The railway reaches Stirling

Modern Stirling

1857 Stirling gains a police force

1869 The Wallace Monument is built

1871 Stirling has a population of 11,788

1874 Horse drawn trams begin running in Stirling. The Smith Art Gallery and Museum opens.

1882 The Old Art Gallery is built

1900 Stirling gains an electricity supply. The population of Stirling has risen to 18,000.

1902 Stirling gains an electricity supply

1912 The first cinema in Stirling opens

1922 A War Memorial is erected

1967 Stirling University is founded

1977 The Thistle Centre opens

1995 Castle Business Park opens

2002 Stirling is made a city

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