By Tim Lambert

Early Stockport

1260 The village of Stockport is given a charter. Stockport is allowed weekly markets and annual fairs. Soon Stockport grows into a busy little town.

1349 At the time of the Black Death Stockport is a small town with a population of about 1,200

1487 Sir Edmund Shaa leaves money in his will to found a grammar school in Stockport

1665 Stockport suffers an outbreak of plague

1700 Stockport is still a small town with a population of less than 2,000

1780 By now Stockport has a population of about 5,000 and it is growing rapidly. The Industrial Revolution is transforming the town. Stockport is famous for its silk mills.

19th Century Stockport

1801 Stockport is booming. It now has a population of over 14,000.

1820 Stockport gains gas light

1827 A water works opens in Stockport

1840 Stockport railway viaduct is built

1849 Stockport suffers an outbreak of cholera

1852 A riot takes place in Stockport

1858 Vernon Park opens

1875 The first public library opens in Stockport

1880 Horse drawn trams run from Stockport to Manchester

1899 Stockport Corporation buys the water works

Modern Stockport

1908 A new Town Hall is built

1913 Central library is built

1940-41 Stockport is bombed

1965 The Merseyway Shopping Centre opens

1967 The Stockport Air Disaster happens

1992 The Pyramid is built

2000 Hat Works Museum opens

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