By Tim Lambert

Early Sunderland

1100 A fishing village exists at Sunderland

1154 Sunderland is given a charter (a document granting the people certain rights). Sunderland becomes a tiny market town.

1349The Black Death devastates Sunderland but it soon recovers. A salt making industry exists in the town.

1565 Sunderland is a tiny fishing town

1589 onwards Salt making at Sunderland expands. Salt and coal are exported from the town.

1650 Sunderland has a population of about 1,500. Lime is made in the town.

1700 Sunderland, Monkwearmouth and Bishopwearmouth have a population of about 5,000.

1723 A pier is built on the south bank of the Wear

1796 A bridge is built over the Wear

1798 A steam engine is used to power rope making machinery in Sunderland

19th Century Sunderland

1801 Sunderland has a population of 12,412

1824 Sunderland gains gas light

1837 Sunderland gains a police force. North Dock opens.

1844 The Penshaw Monument is built

1846 Sunderland Water Company is formed

1850 South Dock is built

1855 The Theatre Royal is built

1857 Mowbray Park opens

1868 Hendon Dock is built

1879 Sunderland Museum and Library opens. Horse drawn trams begin running in the streets.

1880 Roker Park opens

1895 Sunderland gains an electricity supply

Modern Sunderland

1901 Sunderland has a population of 146,000. Sunderland Technical College opens.

1904 The Bede Memorial is erected

1907 The Empire Theatre opens

1909 Barnes Park opens

1923 Backhouse Park opens

1929 A new Wear Bridge opens. A General Hospital opens.

1933 Thompson Park opens

1954 The last trams run in Sunderland

Second World War 267 people are killed in Sunderland by German bombing

1969 Sunderland Polytechnic opens

1970 A new Town Hall and Civic Centre is built

1974 The North East Aircraft Museum is founded

1976 Silksworth Leisure Centre opens

1978 A new General Hospital opens

1986 Nissan begins making cars in Sunderland

1987 Northumbria Sports Centre opens

1988 The Bridges Shopping Centre opens

1989 Seaburn Sports Centre opens

1992 Sunderland is made a city

1997 The Stadium of Light opens

1998 The National Glass Centre opens

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