By Tim Lambert

Ancient Sweden

8,000 BC The first people arrive in Sweden

4,000 BC People in Sweden begin farming

2,000 BC Bronze is introduced into Sweden

500 BC Iron is introduced into Sweden

Medieval Sweden

9th Century AD Sweden becomes a single kingdom. Swedes cross the Baltic and sail along rivers into Russia.

1008 Olof Skotkonung King of Sweden becomes a Christian. The other Swedes gradually follow.

1157 King Eric leads a crusade against the Finns

1252 Stockholm is founded. Swedish trade and commerce flourish.

1280 King Magnus grants the upper class exemption from taxes in return for military service

1323 By now Sweden controls all of Finland

1349 The Black Death reaches Sweden

1388 The Swedish nobles rebel

1389 Margaret of Norway becomes ruler of Sweden

1397 Margaret's Great Nephew Erik is crowned king of Sweden, Norway and Denmark in Kalmar

1434 The Swedish peasants rebel

1439 Erik is deposed

1448 Sweden separates from Denmark and Norway

Renaissance Sweden

1520 The 'Bloodbath of Stockholm', in which 82 people are executed for 'treason'.

1521 The Swedes rebel

1536 The Swedes adopt certain Lutheran practices as the Reformation spreads in Sweden

1541 The Bible is translated into Swedish

1561 The Swedes capture part of Estonia

1593 The Swedish Church adopts the (Protestant) Confession of Augsburg

1613 Gustavus Adolphus becomes king

1628 The Vasa sinks

1632 Gustavus is killed a the battle of Lutzen

1693 The Declaration of Riksdag recognises the king's right to rule as he wishes

18th Century Sweden

1700 The Great Northern War begins

1707 The Swedes invade Russia

1709 The Swedes are completely defeated at Poltava

1721 Sweden is forced to surrender her Baltic provinces and part of Finland to Russia

1739 The Swedish Academy of Sciences if founded

1772 After a long period of freedom for the Swedish people the king stages a coup d'etat and regains complete power.

19th Century Sweden

1809 The king is assassinated and a new constitution is introduced

1810 Napoleon's Marshal Bernadotte is elected Crown prince of Sweden

1813 Sweden joins the war against France

1814 Denmark surrenders Norway to Sweden

1846 Trade in Sweden is deregulated

1850 The population of Sweden is about 3.5 million

1856 The first railway in Sweden is built

c. 1890 onwards The Industrial Revolution transforms Sweden

20th Century Sweden

1905 Norway becomes independent from Sweden

1921 All men and women in Sweden are given the vote

1934 Unemployment in Sweden is 24.9 %

Late 1940s early 1950s A strong welfare state is created in Sweden

1974 A new constitution is introduced in Sweden

1986 Prime Minister Olof Palme is assassinated

1995 Sweden joins the EU

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