By Tim Lambert

c 500 BC A Celtic people called the Helveti enter Switzerland

58 BC The Romans are in control of Switzerland

260 A tribe called the Alemani raid Switzerland

c 400 The Roman army withdraws from Switzerland

5th Century Peoples called the Alemans, Burgundians and Lombards settle in Switzerland

c 600 The Franks conquer Switzerland

9th Century The Franks rule most of Europe but their empire breaks up

13th Century The Hapsburg family from Austria rule most of Switzerland. Meanwhile, trade and commerce in Switzerland are booming and new towns are founded.

1291 The Swiss want their independence. Delegates from the cantons of Schwyz, Uri, and Unterwalden meet at Rutli Meadow and from an alliance. They create the nucleus of modern of Switzerland.

1315 The Swiss defeat the army of Prince Leopold Hapsburg

1388 The Swiss defeat the Hapsburgs again

1506 Pope Julius II forms the Swiss guard to be his bodyguard

1513 Switzerland now consists of 13 cantons

1515 The Swiss are defeated by the French and Venetians. Afterwards the Swiss adopt a policy of neutrality.

16th Century Switzerland is rocked by the Reformation

1648 The Austrians formally recognise Swiss independence

c. 1760 Clock and watch making flourish in Switzerland

1798 Napoleon invades Switzerland

1847 The Swiss fight a civil war

Modern Switzerland

1890 Industry in Switzerland is growing rapidly

1918 A general strike takes place in Switzerland

1920 Switzerland joins the League of Nations

1971 Swiss women are allowed to vote

2002 Switzerland joins the UN

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