By Tim Lambert

Medieval Tamworth

755-796 Offa rules the Midlands. He builds a palace at Tamworth and it becomes his de facto capital.

874 The Danes burn Tamworth

913 Tamworth is rebuilt. It is made a fortified settlement. Tamworth is also a little market town.

943 The Danes attack Tamworth again

1000 Tamworth is a flourishing market town with a mint

1319 Tamworth is given a charter giving it certain rights

1337 Tamworth is allowed 2 annual fairs

1345 Tamworth suffers a severe fire but it is soon rebuilt

1400 Tamworth has a population of about 1,200

Renaissance Tamworth

1560 Elizabeth I grants Tamworth another charter

1563 Plague strikes Tamworth

1579 Plague returns

1606 Plague strikes again

1626 Plague afflicts Tamworth for the last time

1678 Thomas Guy founds almshouses in Tamworth

1701 Tamworth Hall is built

19th Century Tamworth

1801 Tamworth has a population of just over 3,000. Even by the standards of the time it's a small town.

1807 The streets of Tamworth are paved

1834 Robert Peel writes the Tamworth Manifesto, which lays out the principles of the Tory Party

1835 Tamworth gains gaslight

1847 The railway reaches Tamworth

1852 A statue of Robert Peel is erected in Tamworth Hall

1868 A newspaper, The Tamworth Herald is founded

1876 The first cemetery opens in Tamworth

1880 A hospital opens in Tamworth

1889 The boundary of the counties is changed so Tamworth is located entirely in Staffordshire

1897 The corporation buys Tamworth Castle

20th Century Tamworth

1900 The first council houses in Tamworth are built

1901 Tamworth has a population of about 15,000

1905 The first public library opens in Tamworth

1924 Tamworth gains an electricity supply

1980 Ankerside Shopping Centre opens

1999 Reliant stop making cars in Tamworth

2001 The population of Tamworth is about 75,000

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