By Tim Lambert

Ancient Technology

3,400 BC The wheel is invented

c 3,300 BC Writing is invented

c 3,100 BC The sailing ship is invented

c 1,800 BC Spoked wheels are invented

c 1,500 BC Glass vessels are first made

c 1,400 BC The Hittites invent a new way of making iron

c 400 BC The pulley is invented

c 340 BC The torsion catapult is invented

c 300 BC The horse collar is invented

c 100 BC Glass is first blown

c 100 AD Paper is invented in China

c 300 AD The stirrup is invented

Medieval Technology

c 839 AD The crank is invented in Europe

c 900 AD Gunpowder is invented in China

c 1180 The vertical windmill is invented in Europe

c 1290 Glasses are invented in Europe

c 1300 Mechanical clocks are invented in Europe

1445 The printing press is invented by Johannes Gutenberg

1510 The pocket watch is invented

1564 The pencil is invented

1569 The Mercator projection for maps is invented by Gerardus Mercator

c 1589 The stocking frame, a kind of knitting machine is invented by William Lee

17th Century Technology

1608 The telescope is invented by Hans Lippershey

1636 The micrometer is invented by William Gascoigne

1643 The barometer is invented by Evangelista Torricelli

1650 An air pump is invented by Otto Von Guericke

1656 The pendulum clock is invented by Christiaan Huygens

1675 The pressure cooker is invented by Denis Papin

1698 The first steam engine is invented by Thomas Savery

18th Century Technology

1701 The seed drill is invented by Jethro Tull

1709 Abraham Darby starts using coke instead of charcoal to melt iron ore

1748 The fire escape is invented by Daniel Maseres

1769 James Watt invents an efficient steam engine

1779 Samuel Crompton invents a cotton spinning machine called a spinning mule

1783 The hot air balloon is invented

1784 Henry Cort invents the puddling process for making wrought iron. Bifocal lenses are invented.

1785 Edmund Cartwright invents a loom that can be powered by a steam engine

1792 Gaslight is invented by William Murdoch

1793 Eli Whitney invents the cotton gin

19th Century Technology

1824 Portland cement is invented by Joseph Aspdin

1826 James Sharp invents the gas stove

1830 The lawn mower is invented by Edwin Beard Budding

1831 Michael Faraday invents the dynamo. The mechanical reaper is invented by Cyrus McCormick.

1835 The first photo is taken

1837 Samuel Morse invents the electric telegraph

1839 Vulcanized rubber is invented by Charles Goodyear

1842 The mechanical street sweeper is invented by Joseph Whitworth

1846 Ether is first used as an anesthetic

1847 Chloroform is first used by James Simpson

1849 The safety pin is invented by Walter Hunt

1850 The clothes wringer is invented by Robert Tasker

1852 Francis Wolle invents a machine for making paper bags

1853 The hypodermic syringe is invented

1856 The Bessemer converter is invented by Henry Bessemer

1865 Antiseptic surgery is invented by Joseph Lister

1867 Dynamite is invented by Alfred Nobel

1869 Celluloid is invented

1874 The first successful typewriter goes on sale

1876 The telephone is invented by Alexander Graham Bell

1878 The electric light bulb is invented by Joseph Swan

1879 The cash register is invented by James Ritty

1882 The electric fan is invented by Schuyler Skaats Wheeler. The electric iron is invented by Henry Seeley.

1884 The fountain pen is invented by Lewis Waterman. The steam turbine is invented by Charles Parsons.

1885 The car is invented

1889 The flashlight is invented by David Misell

1890 Rubber gloves are first used in surgery

1892 The escalator is invented. The vacuum flask is invented by James Dewar.

1895 X-rays are discovered by Wilhelm Rontgen. Aspirin is invented.

20th Century Technology

1901 Marconi sends a radio message across the Atlantic. The powered vacuum cleaner is invented by Hubert Booth.

1902 Modern air conditioning is invented by Willis Carrier

1903 The Wright brothers fly their plane

1908 Bakelite is invented by Leo Baekeland

1924 Vinyl is invented

1925 Television is invented by John Logie Baird

1928 Penicillin is discovered by Alexander Fleming. The iron lung is invented.

1935 Nylon is invented by Wallace Carothers

1944 Jet engines are introduced

1945 The first atomic bomb is exploded

1948 The transistor is invented. The first computer programme is written.

1955 The first nuclear powered submarine is launched

1957 The first satellite is launched

1960 The laser is patented by Arthur Schawlow and Charles Townes

1969 The internet is invented. The laser printer is invented by Gary Starkweather.

1971 The first electronic calculator is sold

1973 Martin Cooper invents the first hand held cell phone

1978 The first test tube baby is born

1997 The first cloned animal is born

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