By Tim Lambert

Early Tunbridge

1606 Lord North drinks from a spring and is healed from an illness

1608 Wells are dug and people flock to drink the water

1630 Queen Henrietta Maria visits Tunbridge

1632 A book is published about Tunbridge

1636 Two houses are built

1638 A walk is laid out with rows of trees

1663 Charles II visits Tunbridge

1682 Houses are built in the area of Mount Sion

1698 Princess Anne's son falls over while playing. Afterwards the area is paved with pantiles.

1703 The Grove is donated as a public park

1725 Tunbridge has a population of around 1,500

1736 Beau Nash comes to Tunbridge

1794 Tunbridge gains a fire brigade

Modern Tunbridge

1826 Tunbridge gains a piped water supply

1829 The Church of the Holy Trinity is built

1835 A group of men are formed to pave, clean and light the streets of Tunbridge

1846 The railway reaches Tunbridge

1889 Tunbridge is made a royal borough

1900 The population of Tunbridge is about 35,000

Second World War In Tunbridge 35 people are killed by bombing

1952 A museum opens in Tunbridge

1992 Royal Victoria Place Shopping Centre opens

2012 Tunbridge Wells has a population of 56,000

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