By Tim Lambert

793 The Vikings raid the monastery at Lindisfarne in England

795 The Vikings raid the monastery at Iona in Scotland. They also raid Ireland.

9th Century The Vikings settle the Orkneys, Shetlands, Caithness and Sutherland in Scotland. They found Cork and Dublin in Ireland.

836 The English defeat the Vikings at Hingston Down

840 The English defeat the Vikings at Southampton

841 The Vikings raid Kent and East Anglia in England

842 The Vikings raid Southampton in England

844 The Vikings raid Spain and Portugal

845 The Vikings raid Hamburg in Germany

866 The Danes capture York in England

870 The Danes crush the East Anglians in battle. Marching south they capture Reading in England.

873 The Danes capture Western England. Only the South remains unconquered

874 The Vikings settle in Iceland

878 Alfred king of Wessex (Southern England) routs the Danes. Afterwards England is split between Wessex and the Danes with Watling Street as the border.

885 The Vikings raid Paris but are driven off

911 The French king gives the Viking leader Hrolf the Dukedom of Normandy on condition he helps to protect France from other Vikings

922 The Vikings found Limerick in Ireland

980 The Danes begin raiding England again

985 The Vikings settle in Greenland

1001 The Vikings land in North America

1014 The Irish crush the Vikings at the Battle of Clontarf

1016 A Dane called Canute becomes king of England

1066 An army of Norwegians is crushed by the English at Stamford Bridge

1069-70 A Danish army sails to England to assist English rebels against William the Conqueror but they eventually leave. It is the last Scandinavian intervention in England.

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