By Tim Lambert

Early Wareham

700 AD St Aldhelm founds a nunnery on the site of Wareham. In time a village grows up by it.

876 The Danes capture Wareham

10th century Wareham is a fortified settlement. Its a flourishing though small market town.

1015 King Canute sacks Wareham

1248 Wareham is given a charter allowing the townspeople certain rights

1348 The Black Death devastates Wareham. The town is in decline as Poole takes trade away.

1418 John Streche leaves money to build almshouses in Wareham

1500 Wareham is a little market town with a population of about 1,000

1762 Wareham is badly damaged by fire and much of it has to rebuilt

Modern Wareham

1837 A workhouse is built in Wareham

1847 The railway reaches Wareham

1860 Wareham is a small town with a brewing industry

1889 Oddfellows Hall is built

1906 Wareham gains a piped water supply

1919 A War Memorial is built in Wareham

1927 A new bridge is built over the River Frome

1939 Eric Kennington carves an effigy of Lawrence of Arabia

1951 Wareham has a population of nearly 3,000

1974 Wareham Town Museum opens

2001 Wareham has a population of about 5,600

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