By Tim Lambert

Medieval Waterford

853 This is the traditional date for the founding of Waterford by the Vikings (though it might actually have been later)

1204 King John gives Waterford a charter

1250 Waterford is a flourishing port and town

1493 A usurper called Perkin Warbeck besieges Waterford

Renaissance Waterford

1545 Holy Ghost Hospital is founded as an almshouse

1649 Waterford resists Cromwell

1650 Waterford is forced to surrender to Ireton

Late 17th Century French Protestants fleeing persecution come to Waterford

1739 St Olaf's Church is built

1750 Waterford is a flourishing port. Beef, pork and butter are exported and many fishermen are based there.

1764 St Patricks Church is built

1773 Christ Church is built

1785 An infirmary opens in Waterford

1788 City Hall is built

1793 The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity is built

1794 A bridge is built over the River Suir

1795 The Chamber of Commerce Building is erected

19th Century Waterford

1841 A workhouse is erected in Waterford

1849 The Courthouse is built

1853 A railway is built to Tramore

20th Century Waterford

1922 Waterford is besieged during the Civil War

1947 A glass industry in Waterford is revived

1951 The population of Waterford reaches 28,000

1954 Reginald's Tower opens as a museum

1967 An industrial estate is built in Waterford

1993 City Square Shopping Centre opens

1997 Waterford Marina opens

1999 Waterford Museum of Treasures opens

2004 A statue of Thomas Francis Meagher is erected in Waterford

2010 The House of Waterford Crystal opens

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