By Tim Lambert

Early Wickham

826 The village of Wickham is first mentioned in history

1086 Wickham is a small village with 2 watermills

1269 Wickham is granted the right to hold weekly markets. The square is probably laid out at this time. Wickham also has annual fairs.

1324 William of Wykeham is born in or near Wickham

c 1545 John Leland describes Wickham as a pretty townlet

1700 Wickham has a population of about 500, which makes it a large village

1792 Wickham Bridge is built

1801 Wickham has a population of 901

1820 Chesapeake Mill is built

1852 Knowle Hospital opens

1894 Wickham Parish Council is formed

Modern Wickham

1901 Wickham has a population of nearly 1,200

1903 A railway is built from Fareham to Wickham and Droxford and Alton

1906 A Methodist Church is built

1929 Rookesbury Park School opens

1931 Wickham gains a gas supply

1955 The railway closes. However the village is growing rapidly.

1969 Wickham Primary School opens in a new building

1971 The population of Wickham is about 3,000

1984 Wickham Vineyard opens

1987 Bay Tree Walk opens

1988 Wickham Community Centre opens

1990 An old brewery and village hall is converted into Riverside Mews

1998 Knowle Hospital closes

2007 Wickham is named Hampshire Village of the Year

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