By Tim Lambert

Early Windsor

1086 Windsor is a little town with a population of a few hundred. A castle stands nearby.

1277 Windsor is given a charter granting the townspeople certain rights

1350 Windsor has 2 annual fairs. It is a busy little town.

1467 Windsor is given a mayor and 2 bailiffs

1518 The Three Tuns is built

1585 People in Windsor are required to pave the street in front of their houses

1603 Windsor is struck by plague

1635 The people of Windsor are forbidden to let their pigs wander the streets

1649 Charles I is buried in Windsor Castle

1673 A stagecoach from Windsor to London begins. The population of Windsor is around 2,000.

1680 Frogmore House is built

1733 A Workhouse is built

1769 A body of men is formed to pave, clean and light the streets of Windsor

1793 The first theater is built in Windsor

1801 The population of Windsor is 3,361

Modern Windsor

1824 A cast iron bridge is built over the Thames

1827 Windsor gains gas light

1844 The railway reaches Windsor

1851 The population of Windsor is 6,734

1937 The King George V Memorial is built

1964 The Household Cavalry Museum opens

1979 King Edward Court is built

1997 Royal Station Shopping Centre opens

1992 Windsor Castle is damaged by fire

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