By Tim Lambert

Early Wisbech

1069 The Normans build a wooden castle at Wisbech

1086 Wisbech is a large village (for the time) with a population of about 350

c. 1150 A weekly market begins at Wisbech

1190 Richard II gives Wisbech a charter (a document giving the people certain rights)

1236 Wisbech suffers a terrible flood

1392 A grammar school is founded in Wisbech

1487 A bishop's palace is built

1549 Wisbech is given a corporation and a mayor

1587 Plague strikes Wisbech

1600 The population of Wisbech is about 1,500

1655 Wisbech suffers another flood

1656 Wisbech gains its first fire engine

1680 Wisbech is made a port in its own right separate from Kings Lynn

1700 Wisbech has a population of about 2,500

1722 Peckover House is built

1793 A theater is erected in Wisbech

19th Century Wisbech

1801 Wisbech has a population of about 4,700

1810 Wisbech Corporation are given powers to pave, clean and light the streets

1816 Wisbech 'castle' is built

1832 Wisbech is lit by gas. Cholera strikes Wisbech.

1835 Leverington Road Cemetery is laid out. A museum opens in Wisbech.

1847 The railway reaches Wisbech

1849 Cholera strikes again

1850 The population of Wisbech reaches 10,500

1854 The Church of Our Lady and St Borromeo is built

1869 St Augustine's Church is built

1870 The Park opens

1873 North Cambridgeshire Hospital opens

1881 A memorial is erected to Thomas Clarkson

Modern Wisbech

1921 A War Memorial is erected in Wisbech

1931 A concrete bridge is built over the river

1975 A new library is built in Wisbech

1988 Horse Fair Shopping Centre is built

1995 The Octavia Hill Birthplace Museum opens

2010 Waterlees Park opens

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