By Tim Lambert

Isabella Andreini 1562-1604 She was an actress and writer

Anne Askew 1521-1546 She was an important English Protestant

Sofonisba Anguissola 1535-1625 She was an artist

Anne Boleyn 1501-1536 She was an English Queen

Katharina von Bohra 1499-1552 She was a German Protestant

Lucrezia Borgia 1480-1519 She was an important noblewoman

Sophia Brahe 1156-1643 Horticulturist and astronomer

Maddalena Casulana 1540-1583 She was a composer

Vittoria Colonna 1490-1549 She was a poet

Jeanne d'Albret 1528-1572 She was queen of Navarre

Tullia d'Aragona 1510-1556 She was a poet

Elizabeth 1 1533-1603 She was queen of England

Caterina van Hemessen 1528-1587 She was an artist

Louise Labe 1524-1566 She was a poet

Catherine de Medici 1519-1589 She was a French queen

Olympia Morata 1526-1555 She was an important humanist scholar

Catherine Parr 1512-1548 She was an English queen

Mary Tudor 1516-1558 She was queen of England

Katharine Zell 1497-1562 She was a German Protestant

Vittorria Colonna 1490-1547 She was a poet

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