By Tim Lambert

Early Worthing

5th Century The Saxons invade Sussex. They found a small village at Worthing.

1798 Princess Amelia visits Worthing. As a result the village develops as a seaside resort.

1803 A body of men called Commissioners is formed to pave and clean the streets

1807 The first theatre in Worthing is built. Princess Charlotte visits Worthing. The town is growing rapidly.

1810 A market begins in Worthing

1829 A dispensary opens where the poor can obtain free medicines

1834 Worthing gains gas light

1835 A Town Hall is built in Worthing

1845 The railway reaches Worthing making it easier for visitors to reach the town.

1857 Worthing gains a piped water supply

1862 The first pier is built in Worthing

1881 A hospital opens in Worthing

1884 A crowd riots in Worthing against the Salvation Army

1890 Worthing is made a borough. Its population has risen to about 16,000.

1893 Typhoid kills 188 people in Worthing

1896 The first public library opens in Worthing

Modern Worthing

1901 Worthing gains an electricity supply

1908 A museum and art gallery opens in Worthing

1910 The Dome is built

1914 The Connaught Theatre is built

1921 A War Memorial is built in Worthing

1924 Denton Gardens opens

1926 The Pavilion Theatre is built

1930 Marine Gardens opens

1933 A new Town Hall is built

1939 Worthing is growing rapidly and its population has reached about 62,000

Second World War Air raids kill 44 people in Worthing

1959 Worthing Lido opens

1967 Highdown Gardens are given to the council

1974 The Guildbourne Centre opens

1975 A new library is built in Worthing

1989 Davidson Leisure Centre opens

2000 Millennium Garden opens

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