By Tim Lambert

Early Wrexham

12th Century Wrexham is a small village

1391 Wrexham is given the right to hold weekly markets and annual fairs. Afterwards Wrexham becomes a busy little town.

1492 The Church of St Giles is built

1603 A grammar school is founded in Wrexham

1643 During the Civil War a parliamentary army captures Wrexham. In the little town there is an industry weaving wool.

1750 Wrexham is a small town with a population of about 2,000. It is known for its leather industry.

1762 'Iron Mad Wilkinson' opens Bersham Iron Foundry

1793 He opens a smelting plant at Brymbo

19th Century Wrexham

1801 The population of Wrexham is 2,575

1827 Wrexham gains gas light

1833 The first hospital in Wrexham opens

1848 Wrexham gets its first newspaper

1849 The railway reaches Wrexham

1864 Wrexham waterworks

1868 Overton Arcade is built

1876 The first cemetery in Wrexham opens

1878 The first public library opens in Wrexham

1880 An explosion in Bersham Colliery kills 9 men. The first lager is brewed in Wrexham.

1881 The population of Wrexham is 10,903

1891 Central Arcade is built

Modern Wrexham

1900 Electricity is first generated in Wrexham

1907 Pariau becomes a public park. Electric trams run in Wrexham.

1910 The first cinema opens in Wrexham

1927 Buses replace trams

1931 The population of Wrexham raches 18,567

1934 An explosion and fire at Gresford Colliery kills 261 miners. Three rescuers are also killed.

1973 Gresford Colliery closes

1983 Bersham Heritage Centre opens

1986 Bersham Colliery closes

1999 Henblas Square and Island Square Shopping Centres open

2008 Eagles Meadow Shopping Centre opens

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