By Tim Lambert

71 AD The Romans invade Yorkshire and build a fort on the site of York

150 A little town is thriving by the fort

c. 200 The Romans build stone wall around York, which they call Eboracum

407 The Roman army leaves Britain. Afterwards Roman civilisation breaks down.

627 York is given a bishop

850 The town of York is flourishing again

866 The Vikings conquer northern England including York

1069 The north of England rises in revolt against the Normans but William I crushes the rebels

1190 The Jews in York are massacred

1220 Work begins on York Minster

1349 Half the population of York dies in the Black Death

1368 The Merchant Adventurers Hall is built

1453 A Guildhall is built

1500 The population of York is about 10,000

1539 Henry VIII closes St Mary's Abbey

1550-51 Plague strikes York

1557 A grammar school is founded in York

1600 The population of York is about 12,000

1604 Plague strikes York again

1631 There is another outbreak of plague

1644 York is captured by a parliamentary army

1645 Plague strikes York again

1719 The first newspaper in York is published

1736 The first theater in York opens

1740 York County Hospital is built

1786 A scavenger is appointed to clean the streets

1788 A dispensary where the poor can obtain free medicines opens

1801 The population of York is 16,846

1824 The streets of York are lit by gas

1836 A police force is formed in York

1839 The railway reaches York

1842 A train repair workshop opens. The beginning of a railway carriage making industry.

1847 Typhus kills 403 people in York

1880 Horse drawn trams run in the streets of York

1890-95 A sewage disposal system is built

1892 York Art Gallery opens

1893 The first public library in York opens

1901 The population of York is 77,914

1935 The last trams run in York

World War II In York 87 people are killed by bombing

1951 The first York Festival is held

1963 York University is founded

1984 The Jorvik Centre opens

1987 A ring road is built around York

1998 Monks Cross Shopping Park opens

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