By Tim Lambert

Early 12th Century The town of Petersfield is founded. The Earl of Gloucester starts a market by St Peter's Church

1350 The main industry in Petersfield is wool. There is also a leather tanning industry. The little market town has a population of 600 or 700.

1600 The population of Petersfield rises to about 1,000

1666 Petersfield suffers an outbreak of plague. The wool trade is declining.

1687 Petersfield suffers an outbreak of smallpox. Stagecoaches are now running through Petersfield bringing prosperity to the town.

1722 Richard Churcher leaves money to found a school in Petersfield

1726 Daniel Defoe describes Petersfield as a town eminent for little but being full of good inns

1735 Some citizens get together to drain a bog so Petersfield Pond is created

1801 The little market town of Petersfield has a population of about 2,100

1812 A statue of William III is erected in The Square

1820 The Taro Fair begins in Petersfield

1836 A workhouse opens in Love Lane

1852 Petersfield gains gas street lighting

1858 A police station is built

1859 The railway reaches Petersfield

1871 A cottage hospital opens

1884 Sewers and drains are built in Petersfield

1893 Bedales School opens

1894 Petersfield Urban District Council is formed

1901 The population of Petersfield is nearly 4,000. The first Petersfield Festival of Music is held.

1911 The council buys Petersfield Pond and the Heath for public use

1936 A new Town Hall is built. Petersfield is growing very rapidly.

1945 High Meadow is donated to the town

1970 The population of Petersfield has risen to about 8,000

1976 Queen Elizabeth Country Park opens

1981 A new library opens. A new leisure centre opens.

1984 Petersfield Bear Museum opens

1990 The Physic Garden opens

1992 Petersfield by pass opens

1993 Petersfield is given a new logo. The Community Hospital opens. Rams Walk opens.

1999 A museum opens in St Peters Road

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